Halifax & Lloyds Banking Group Helping To Make A House A Home

We were delighted to meet Executive Director Brenda McMullen from Halifax and Ben Rodgers from Lloyds Banking Group Public Affairs as we have had tremendous support from the Halifax helping us with renovations and we were thrilled that a team at Lloyds Call Centre in Belfast chose us as their Charity of the Year, helping with fundraising and hands on activities at the house.

Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland supported fixtures and fittings for Hope House, with a recent grant of £6,000. Executive Director Brenda McMullan had the pleasure of visiting the premises recently. She said

“The sheer determination and enthusiasm of Dawn McConnell, Chair of Hope House is hard to miss. We were delighted to get behind the charity to help them with the finishing touches to such a beautiful, tranquil setting which we now know will give cancer sufferers time out to come to terms with their illness and spend precious time with their loved ones. I was also delighted to learn that a team of Lloyds Banking Group colleagues chose Hope House as their ‘charity of the year 2018’, fundraising and volunteering for the charity.  This will support the Hope House team even further in fulfilling their dream to support at a time of greatest need, allowing families to be together at an extremely challenging time. We wish the charity continued success!”

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