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TeamHope - Standing up to Cancer

Hope House Ireland is a non-profit organisation and all our services are provided free. We are grateful to the people who help us provide this service by monthly sponsorship and fundraising events. Hope House Ireland provides a place of tranquillity to cancer patients and their carers at any time during their treatment.

Welcome to Hope House Northern Ireland

How we can help

Hope House offers free self-catering accommodation by the sea for adults with a recent diagnosis of cancer during or after completion of treatments.

Who is Hope House for?

Adults with a recent diagnosis of cancer, their carers and partners. Clients need to be self-caring or have a carer staying with them if required.

Where is Hope House?

Located in Browns Bay, Islandmagee, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. The house has spectacular views overlooking the sea and surrounding countryside, just miles from Belfast.

Hope House truly gives us families affected by cancer a space to breathe. A place to heal the soul. A place to find and have hope to help us cope. We all came away so refreshed from our time there.