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Getting a cancer diagnosis can be devastating, not only to the person receiving it, but also immediate family. Experience has taught us, one of the best things to do, is to remove yourself from normal everyday life and take a few days break to adjust to the changes a cancer diagnosis brings. Hope House (Ireland) is available to patients and their carers at any time during or on completion of their treatment, for a short time of quiet rest and recuperation. All clients need to be self-caring or have a carer staying with them.


Whether you had past treatment or ongoing treatment. We understand the added stress that people can suffer from because of the long distances they have to travel for Radiotherapy an Chemotherapy. This is another area we can help people with as guests can use the apartment during this time. Hope House offers free, self-catering accommodation, in a spacious two bedroomed apartment, that can if required, sleep up to three people.


Hope House is located in the small, peaceful, seaside town of Whitehead, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. Our apartment has fabulous, uninterrupted views overlooking our beautiful countryside and the Irish Sea. Imagine sipping a cuppa as you watch the yachts and cross channel ferries on this busy stretch of water. All this is only 17 miles from Belfast, with train and bus stations only a few minutes walk from the apartment, and a direct train link to Belfast City Hospital.

Interesting facts about Whitehead

The village was named Whitehead due to having limestones cliffs, some of which can still be seen to this day.

When 'Northern Ireland Railway' first built the train track into Whitehead they offered 10 years of FREE travel to those who would move into the area.

It is notable in that there are no streets with the suffix "Street" in their name, giving rise to the nickname 'The Town With No Streets'.