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Terms and Conditions of Stay

It is important that you read and understand these before booking.

TeamHOPE warmly welcomes you to this quiet, seaside apartment in Whitehead, Northern Ireland.  As we are part of a complex for which there are certain requirements, it is essential that the following are complied with:

  • Only those who have been booked with us may stay or have use of the apartment.  Unfortunately, due to conditions of our Lease, no visitors or children are permitted.
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol permitted in any part of premises.
  • In consideration of other residents, noise should be kept to a minimum and privacy observed at all times.
  • No obstruction to be placed at entrance area, outside or inside.
  • No animals or birds may be brought into the premises.
  • Cars should be parked in an appropriate place, preferably at rear of building.
  • Ensure all electrical and kitchen equipment is used safely and switched off when not in use.
  • Accommodation to be left in good condition.
  • Keys to be returned to designated person on departure.

If you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions and feel that your stay here would be beneficial to you, please commence to Apply Now.

Hope House Ireland is a non-profit making organisation and all our services are provided free of charge.

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